Eidul-Adha ( इदुल अझा )

Hanif Mohammad
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Nepal is a land of peace where different types of cultural diversity, religious harmony and mutual co- operation are existing there.Indeed it is like a garden where multiple colours of flowers are blooming.Human beings have the passion of learning new and new things everyday so, curiosity is there that`s why learning is called never ending process.Learning and attempting of invention and research have made the world very small and accessible of doing anything in an easy and convenient way.
Today I am attempting to introduce about Eidul-Adha commonly known as bakrid,kurbani eid(´Festival of Sacrifice´)
is one of the most important festival in
the Hijri calendar(calendar which is followed by followers of Islam religion) muslims around the globe.This festival is celebrated in the last month of the year zilhijja 10,11 and 12 according to ours religious rituals.The festival remind us the prophet( messenger of god ) Hajrat Ibrahim´s S.A.W. willingness to

Sacrife his son(Muhammad Ismail )when
god(Allah)ordered him after finishing
all his cattle in his dream.This event actually wants to convey us message how sincerity and loyal the People were
in the past who were 100%devotee towards god´s order.
All muslims people take bath early
in the morning usually,wear new clothes
and go to attend special prayer held at
Mosques throughout the world.Some
exchange gifts to each other.They share
their pure love and sincerity to younger
one and they prefer to take blessing for
well being and prosperity from their
respective relatives as well. We can do buffaloes for 7 family and goat or sheep
for one single family for sacrificing it in the sake of allah to celebrate Eidul adha as well and the meat of sacrificed animals should be divided into three
parts such as for our family, relatives and for the poor and needy people around us.Its been celebrating since 1400 years before.
According to Islamic rituals there are 5 pillars which we must follow are as mentioned below ÷
1) Kalma ( meaning there is no god rather than allah) and prophet (Muhammad Mustafa sallalaho alaihe wosallam) is the messenger of god.
2) Namaz(pray) 5 times of pray in a day is mandatory in Islam for both gender who crosses adolescence.
3) Roza(Fasting)every muslim must follow fasting if he or she is physically and mentally fit and fine with sound health.People with sickness elderly aged
and children,women with pregnancy stage and women feeding her child with
her breast are not compulsory for fasting.
4) Zakat ( It´s like a donation or fund made for poor and needy people) who might be ours brothers,sisters or neighbour around us.It is believed that we should
accumulate 2.5%of our total income yearly so, that poor and needy people
can purchase new clothes and foods items for them consequently, they will
also be able to celebrate Eidul adha as others are doing.It is strongly believed that if we follow this spiritually our property will be 100% pure and enable
us to be safe from fire,thieves,natural disaster as well.Muslims who have 7 tolas of gold or 52.5 tolas of silver or have amount of money in cash equivalent to that should pay zakat.
5) Hajj(Pligrimage to mecca and madina) Holy place for all muslims around the globe which is located in the
Kingdom of saudi arabia.Muslims who are financially strong and capable to run
their family with consuming daily basic needs must go hajj.After completing hajj
the pilgrims are entitled as a new born baby whose all sins and bad deeds are swept away.In Islam we dont eat pork(meat of pig) even we see it in dream we must take bath and we do not worship statue neither photo of god or prophet but function it through pure and spritual vibes.we follow what ours(Quran)holy book of islam is guiding and hadith( a collection of traditions containing saying of the prophet Muhammad which,with accounts of his daily practice.

Hanif Mohammad
Vyas-03, Tanahun

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